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Thread: Pain low down and around navel

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    Pain low down and around navel

    Anyone got pain in that area? My IBS is normally located all over but not usually there. I am quite bloated, actually very bloated at the moment from taking Lactulose.

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    Re: Pain low down and around navel

    I usually do get pain down there. I know it is coming from my IBS pains though.

    Having pain in that area can mean all different kinds of things though. My friend gets it too but for a different reason, hers is because she has something going on with her kidneys and presents an infection in her urine.

    maybe you should get your urine tested to rule out anything like that even though hers is a rare thing as when I have a urine infection its also an obvious thing for me as my bladder feels like its on fire and its very painful to wee as for my friend she doesnt get those symptoms.

    All Im trying to say is everyone is different and to make sure it is just IBS pain I would go and mention it to your GP and they will do simple tests on you to rule anything out. It wouldnt be anything major but if they do pick up something then they can probably treat it with some medication.

    But reading from your post I would most probably say it is bowel related.

    All the best

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