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Thread: Thread about stopping panic attacks. (Read if you are having a panic attack)

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    Thread about stopping panic attacks. (Read if you are having a panic attack)

    I am going to randomly compile methods that have helped me, I suffer from 5-10 panic attacks a day some worse then others. (edit* I HAVE NO MORE PANIC ATTACKS!!! - YAY!)

    The best being a slight racing heart and the worse being a full blown fight or flight situation where I feel like I am going to die and my environment becomes confusing and overwhelming.

    Drink some water. Just small amounts, sip by sip. Usually helps the colder it is.

    Water is key for keeping the whole body working the way it should including the mind, you would be surprised the link between dehydration and panic attacks.
    Eat as much real food as possible, the less processed the better. Organic apples, pears, salads, nuts are all good sources of nutrients such as vitamins and protein.

    Next, write down on a piece of paper “You are not having a panic attack You are fine and healthy” repeat these words to yourself as often as possible.


    You want to know a great way at stopping panic attacks quick?
    Grab anything you can breathe into to trap the exhaled carbon dioxide then breathe it in repeatedly, we actually want to lower oxygen levels within the blood (seems crazy but it works)
    After doing this until you calm down, take slow deep breathes.

    A video on stopping a panic attack within 10 seconds, really helped me out.

    If it's daylight go outside and get some sun! It could make you feel better.

    Keep your mind off your mind, do chores, play video games, do exercises and stretches. What ever helps bring your mind into an area that doesn't involve thinking about your anxiety and panic.
    You panicking will not do anything for the situations besides make it worse by creating a snow ball effect, you need to hold strong and realize things will work out at the end.

    (Regular mind) > (Stressed mind) > (Anxiety) > (Panic) > (Fight or flight)


    Don't let it get to that, it won't change the situation if you let it consume you.

    Calming theta music.

    Soothing song, I randomly found it searching relaxing music.

    More relaxing music.

    Need something to take the focus off the anxiety and panic, here are some funny videos (Panic attacks are serious so why not watch something silly)

    Do push-ups, usually when I feel a panic attack coming on or even developed doing push-ups or lifting light weights helps alot.
    This will release small amounts of the feel good chemical called endorphin's and also create positive thoughts as you better your body.
    Try it

    Positive thinking and being grateful/thankful.
    You are a positive creature of life.
    Love is your true nature.
    Let your mind silence and become at ease, no more tension, breathe.
    Take back your mind, it belongs to you. You are in control, you have the power that your thoughts create

    Next would have to be hydration, ALWAYS stay hydrated. ALWAYS have clean water near you, nothing besides water, decaffeinated tea’s and coffee’s. Caffeine dehydrates the body which could make your anxiety worse.

    No matter what your beliefs are, being grateful brings positivity to the mind.
    Think of everything you are grateful for, Water, life, family, friends, house/apartment anything you have in your lucid awareness of life that brings you comfort.*
    This is just the start, You are thankful for being able to even share your feelings with others or to even have feelings in the first place. You need to build this positive ground for yourself because this will create change.

    You hold the keys to your success in getting over stress, anxiety, and panic attacks.
    Stop feeling sorry for yourself, pity won't help.

    You are a positive creature of life.

    Stop letting the negatives tangle you up and let true change happen.

    The world hasn't changed, you have.

    Words to help:

    You will get better, I promise! Accept the symptoms as anxiety, anxiety could be the root to all your problems. It's just anxiety and your mind is stronger then it... so don't let it overwhelm you and keep calm. Think positive, childhood memories, family/friends. You are in this for the long run

    You aren't the only one going through this, you are among friends.

    Exercise even if its for small amounts each day. You want fresh oxygenated blood to flow to your whole entire body especially your brain so becoming active even for 30 minutes a day (walking, jogging, biking, swimming, sports, ect) is great not just for the body but mind.

    Excessive masturbation and over stimulation of dopamine and other hormones in the body through masturbation can lead to anxiety. In excessive amount is typically twice a day everyday but you can still get anxiety from doing it once a day.

    Some men and women use masturbation and sex to deal with anxiety and depression when really it could be making it worse, sex with a partner can be uplifting and mood boosting so always out-weight the benefits with the positives!

    Your brain is healing! Anxiety and depression can be a signal that your brain is healing from a traumatic event in your life: Past high stress situation(s), Over stimulation from drug use and abuse, brain injuries. Your chemistry is re-balancing and your brain is healing. It will take a few weeks to a few months depending on your environment and damage to feel normal again and even mild to moderate stressful events can trigger panic and depression.

    Vitamins that REALLY help anxiety.

    Potassium (The hydrating mineral) < moderately/highly recommended supplement

    Magnesium (The calm mineral) < Highly recommended supplement

    B Vitamins (The anti-stress vitamins) < Highly recommended supplement

    Zinc (The brain and body mineral) < Highly recommended supplement if you have copper toxicity

    Vitamin C (The optimal health vitamin) < moderately recommended supplement

    Fish oil DHA/EPA (Brain and eye supplement) < moderately recommended supplement

    Copper toxicity can happen, many homes have copper piping. If you have kidney problems you maybe at risk for copper toxicity.
    Try taking a zinc supplement to detoxify and see how you feel.

    I started a copper detox, if you have kidney problems then you should look into detoxing with zinc. People actually are diagnosed with schizophrenia and psychotic episodes because they have to much copper in there brain.

    You don't need to have kidney problems to have to much copper in your system, check yourself out. If you do start a detox remember the symptoms could get worse before they get better, the zinc is pulling out the copper from the brain. It takes time.

    Please read this website:

    If you have any methods that have helped you, please share.

    Thank you.

    Symptoms and side effects of anxiety and panic attacks:

    Headache, blurred vision, hard to breathe (throat or tongue feels swollen), hard to speak or communicate with someone (words become robotic, expressing feelings is usually harder)
    Derealization (Everything turns dreamy and unreal), Depersonalization (Your hands, arms, body become automatic, it feels like you are detached from yourself)
    Confusion, overwhelming feeling you are about to die (very normal because of adrenalin release, fight or flight), Hard time thinking, rapid heart beat, heart palpitations, memory loss,
    pale skin, vomiting, stomach and chest pains.
    Paranoia (Abnormal and scary thoughts), tremors (shacking and feeling your muscles stiffen), depression, insomnia, dry mouth and throat.

    Reply's are much appreciated<3

    Remember to stop all drug use including alcohol[/B] (If you are using), this is a hard step for some people but this could be making your anxiety a lot worse. I want you to recover and keep your mind as sober as possible, we are building grounds so your mind can create less of a difference in perception and personality which will make it easier for you to understand why you have anxiety

    Contact information if you are needing further support.
    Skype: facebook:akbunnyz (Please be sure to write a message in the invitation message field before sending it so I know it's not spam ty)
    Steam: loganaz23
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    Re: Thread about stopping panic attacks. (Read if you are having a panic attack)

    5-10 attacks a day must be terrible!! I'm weaning off my ant-d (Mirtazapine) at the mo as it's made me so much worse as I went from having odd days of anxiety to anxiety every single day and became weepy and depressed after the second or third week on it. It's taken me 5 months for my doctors to agree to let me come off it.
    I've never drank hot drinks but used to drink lots of coke so I've cut that out of my diet now and only ever drink water and milk and never ever touch alcohol anymore. A lady I saw at the mental health crisis team we have here in the Uk told me to drink absolutely tons of water too
    I sometimes have very little appetitie but just try and force feed myself something now if I am too anxious to eat as I had my first panic attacks when I was pregnant. I was sick 24/7 having my little boy and couldn't eat for 4 months and had the worst anxiety I have ever had in my life.

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    Re: Thread about stopping panic attacks. (Read if you are having a panic attack)

    with all respect if your having 5-10 panic attacks a day then your tips arent working very well!!

    Maybe trying to stop them rather than accept them is the real problem?


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    Re: Thread about stopping panic attacks. (Read if you are having a panic attack)

    I agree accepting your symptoms as anxiety is the best cure, these help and yes I have HAD 5-10 panic attacks these tips i have wrote down have helped me alot.

    I'm actually following all my steps and haven't had a panic attack in 2 days which is huge for me.
    Good luck everyone.
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    Re: Thread about stopping panic attacks. (Read if you are having a panic attack)

    Updated, bump! Hope this helps.

    Look into a copper detox if you have paranoid/psychotic like panic attacks.

    Second update, As of today I haven't had a panic attack in 4 days.
    I am still recovering and getting better.

    Message me if you need help getting over your symptoms.

    Much love guys.
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    Re: Thread about stopping panic attacks. (Read if you are having a panic attack)

    The woman in my local chemist, said to have a lucozade sweet, as sometimes low sugar levels can bring on a panic attack!! I have done this and it does help!! She also suffers with panic attacks herself!!

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    Re: Thread about stopping panic attacks. (Read if you are having a panic attack)

    That is possible Rach, anxiety and blood sugar/pressure do have alot in common and could cause anxiety.

    Maintain a proper diet, eat lots of protein and never avoid fat... fat is still good for the body just not in large amounts so eat healthy.
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    Re: Thread about stopping panic attacks. (Read if you are having a panic attack)

    Update! Remember don't dwell on your anxiety.

    Start to feel more grateful and thankful for life and everything you were given and had been given. (It doesn't matter your belief)

    True change starts with this, stop feeling sorry for yourself and feel more thankful for what you have.

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    Re: Thread about stopping panic attacks. (Read if you are having a panic attack)


    Small amounts of exercise such as push-ups, light weight lifting, jogging in place, stretching can drastically reduce anxiety by taking the mind off of the situation.
    Remember keep breathing and stay hydrated.

    Try it out.

    Much love everyone.

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    Re: Thread about stopping panic attacks. (Read if you are having a panic attack)

    Hope everyone feels better, you are among friends

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