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    Desperatley need cure for common cold/head cold/sinus issue

    I have a very busy weekend & am starting a new job Monday so I really don't need this illness!
    I have a sore throat, feeling abit like chills & one of my ears has gone fuzzy.
    I don't have a temperature though.
    Can anyone give me any tips or remedies that work?!
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    Re: Desperatley need cure for common cold/head cold/sinus issue

    When i feel like you do, i take paracetamol for the pain if its bad and then drink plenty of hot ribena blackcurrant.
    I also keep a jar of set honey in the cupboard, a teaspoonful helps sooth a sore throat.
    I am also a fan of Lemsip, but remember not to take any paracetamol with it.

    Hope you feel better soon! x
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    Re: Desperatley need cure for common cold/head cold/sinus issue

    inhale steam with olbas oil in, take ipufen (sp) drink honey and giner tea avalible from asda. try beechams cold and flu plus tabs, suck stepils,and most of all try and rest
    I suffer from depression anxiety and emetophobia.

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