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Thread: dog phobia

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    dog phobia

    hi, ive always adored dogs. however two years ago our pup ella was attacked by two huge white things, they dragged their owner to the floor and attacked ella. i was holding her lead and my then baby was in his buggy-my 2 other kids holding either side. no one came to our help and i ended up hauling my pup and kids into a nearby shop. the man just got up and walked off with them. i had to sell ella a short while later as i was scared she'd attract other dogs and i became pretrified.

    now its getting beyond a joke. today i went to buy a kitten and whilst there noticed to my horror that the owner had 3 or 4 bull mastiffs. i froze, started shaking then almost burst into tears. told her that unless they were locked outside that i couldnt come in. i felt like a right idiot lol but i have never been so scared!!
    if a large dog is on my side of the street..i freeze and begin to hyperventilate. im worried that its getting beyond a joke. cant believe i ever had a worry free life a bag of nerves!

    any advice?

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    Hi Sassy,

    I can imagine how you feel. I had a dog that was attacked by a huge dog and had to let go of her leash for her to flee so my baby and I weren't attacked with her. Luckily she went into some sprinklers and the big dog did not follow. Her owner too did not feel responsible. I no longer took her on any walks again.

    Do you have any friends with any dogs, that are trained and friendly, that you could ease yourself around? Or, any dogs that are trained at all that you could slowly ease up to? That would be my suggestion. I would also carry a spray can of water or something to deter any large dogs ever attacking you again or anything that would not harm them but would make you feel safe. I am sure they make such things.

    I think if you could manage to warm up to dogs again you would feel better and safer in the long run. You just need to do it in your own way and in your own time. I hope this helps.


    "Our thoughts are our reality"

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    These sorts of fears are treated well with Hypnotherapy or exposure therapy so you may want to try that

    Good luck.


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