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Thread: Giving a presentation at school,college, work

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    Re: Giving a presentation at school,college, work

    If you can start off with something that makes the audience laugh, it will become much easier.

    I'd actually tell the rest of the class that you're scared shirtless so please excuse any stutterings or memory loss. That will pretty much resonate with everyone.

    All eyes upon you? Probably for the first few seconds then other students will doze off or start thinking about their own presentations.

    I hate teachers who make students do presentations. They are lazy barstewards who don't have to teach anything. Money for old ripe

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    Re: Giving a presentation at school,college, work

    I had to give a presentation at University. Also had to give a presentation to about 500 school teachers from my city during a youth conference back when I was a youth worker. I had to also teach them to rap

    The bark is worse than the bite. Once you're up there you fall into place. It's hard to explain. When you're on the spot you seem to just adapt. It's tough, but it's a valuable life lesson and a positive in terms of anxiety.
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