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Thread: Not wanting to stay over anywhere

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    Not wanting to stay over anywhere

    Does anybody with IBS not want to go on holiday/stay over the night due to IBS? I'm afraid I get a flare up and get stuck in the toilet for a while or if I do I'd have an obsessive problem where I need to shower.

    I'd like to get over this but how can I do it?

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    Re: Not wanting to stay over anywhere

    hey there is no easy answer to this cause if it gonna happen it will as i found out holiday in gran canaria and was in the loo for so long the barman knocked the door to see if i was ok. i was mortified, i still get wound up if i am going anywhere but as long as there is toilet nearby i go.

    thats my advice to you. go stay overnight, if it happens you'll find apart from being redfaced from being in loo so long, it was not that bad after all

    hope this helps.

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    Re: Not wanting to stay over anywhere

    Yeah its a good thing you mention it because being an adult I actually havent stayed over at anyones house for years and for the first time in ages I went to stay at a friends for the night because she didnt want to spend the night on her own so I kept her company. I did feel anxiety and my first thought was when I woke up in the morning I will be in pain with diarrhoea. The thing is is that if you are close to the person its not a bad thing to just let them know so they know what is going on.

    I did stay at her house and I was actually fine and was very surprised. I think you just need to try these things and if anything happens well dont let it worry you its ok as long as you have a toilet near you that what matters.

    Anyway I totally understand how you feel and hun that is normal to feel like that but I think its important to try not to let it rule your life.

    All the best aye.

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    Re: Not wanting to stay over anywhere

    u could try imodum tablets before u go i find these work at treat
    I suffer from depression anxiety and emetophobia.

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