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Thread: new to Trazodone advice please

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    new to Trazodone advice please

    Hi Guys
    Ill try to keep this short
    Please read a small read just to give you the picture so you can advice me with the understanding of my circumstances

    I have felt low on and off now for about 6 years , slight irritation creaping into my days on and off.then it got more and more and more over the course of a few then became far more often weekly then daily.So my doctor prescribed my ( after a blood test ) thyroxine for my underactive thyroid.after about 9 months i felt NO different . A couple of blood tests latter they put me up from 25 mg to 50mg.after about 1 month of taking this new amount I started to slightly feel happier and lots of energy But couldnt sleep.
    I developed bad Insomnia from the tablets ( That i was told ) some people suffer with this side effect as a result of the tablets.
    So i couldnt sleep at night and decidedthis cant carry on . so i was put on a course of sleeping tablets which i took for around 1 month solid i was sleeping for around 4 hrs a night But was starting to feel happier.
    Then after a month i was tild i have to come off the sleping pills .
    so i slowly came of them but couldnt sleep after about a week. The thyroid tablet were still keeping me awake.
    So istoped taking the thyroxine two. I had enough..
    Well now afetr around 4 weeks of not taken anything i started to feel very tired and mentaly unwell and unhappy . Anxiety and very low moods heavy then before.
    So my Doctor refered me to my local Hostpital Doctor and he assed me , saying im suffering from Depression and My low thyroide will not be helping.
    So he prescribed me Trazodone 25mg.
    Told me to take one at night as it helps you sleep, so to counter act on thyroxine tablets keeping me awake.Well i took a half of this new tablet for around 8 days ( as i was scared and have had bad reactions to medications before ..... even small amounts ) well i did feel more anxious and low on half a tablet , and very very tiered in the mornings almost hungover heavy ...iv increased it to 1 tablet now over the course of about 12 days..
    Now you have a picture of my case this is the question
    its been around 2 weeks being back on thyroxine and now on 1 Trazodone at night. But im starting to feel confused ,, slightly knumb. but still irritated and easy angry, anxiety up , a constant feeling im thinking in my head how i feel ( like a running comintary ) no days of feeling even slightly happy or up....just feel shit and unhappy...My doctor told me i would feel better in a couple of weeks, all i feel is tired and flat and cant realy think straight..
    is it because my thyroxine will take a couple of months to get back to the levels they were at or something eles
    Any advice would be greatfully receved thanks , as this is bringing me down and distroying my life.

    Thanks Greg

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    Re: new to Trazodone advice please

    Greg, I am so sorry to hear things are bad for you at the mo. I've just taken Trazodone for 19 days but decided to quit it this weekend after not being able to stop crying, I also felt incredibly depressed and anxious but didn't know if it was the start up of the Trazodone or tapering off Mirtazapine (which I have been on for 5 months but though my mood has been great on it, I still have anxiety and thought Trazodone might help). I spoke to my doctor and he told me it is more likely to be the start up period of the Trazodone. I went through exactly the same thing starting up on Mirtazapine so I've made the decision to up my Mirtazapine again and come off the new drug. But what you are feeling is horrible I know but quite normal and it will all pass if you can stick with it, hope things seem heaps better soon x

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