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    This is the new kid on the block as far as meds are concerned. Anyone tried it

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    Hi Joy,

    Been on Cymbalta/duloxetine since the beginning of June, after seven years of taking seroxat. It's a relatively new drug, made by Eli Lily, the ppl who pioneered Prozac back in the 80s. It's an SSNRI, which means it works on serotonin levels, as well as something called norepinephrine, and is used as an anti-depressant though they're currently trying to get it licenced to treat anxiety. It even has it's own website: It's meant to start working a lot quicker than other meds, between one to four weeks to show signs of improvement, and although I'm not out of the woods yet, it's certainly made me feel a lot happier, and has significantly reduced my fears and tension. 60mg is the standard dose, but they do do 30mg and 120mg. Advise you to take it with food, as I tried having it first thing in the morning and it gave me a really bad tummy. Hope this helps. Surely there must be other ppl out there on Cymbalta-please speak up, would be really interesting to hear about others' experiences....

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    Hi Sarah

    Thank you for the info above on Duloxetine.

    I started the medication just over a week ago. I am also an ex Seroxat user like Joy (above) however I have tried a few other meds post Seroxat which haven't helped with my anxiety and depression and I am hopeful that this is the one that is going to do the trick.

    I am on 60mg - can I ask what dosage you're on. I have noticed that the medication is causing me insomnia at night but I am dopey and tired during the daytime. I take the med in the evenings as when I took it in the am it was making me too dopey to do anything.

    I am feeling a little better on this medication already although it hasn't even been two weeks yet of it being in my system.

    I also like to hear from others who are on the medication to get their opinions.

    Take car all

    Y Goble

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    Re: Duloxetine

    hey guys,

    have been on duloxetine for a year after being switched over from citalopram as i was allergic to it. Im starting to come off the drug but previously was on 60mg. When i first started taking it, it did take a while to kick in because of the deep depression that citalopram left me in (i became suddenly suicidal, but had been very itchy for months!) however after 2 weeks i felt alot better! I did notice that i get an energy boost off the duloxetine, apparently you either get the boost or it makes you sleepy! because of this i take mine in the morning, and sometimes if i forget then i dont bother taking it otherwise im up all night!! the only probs i get is when i forget to take it, and after 2 days i get tingling in my fingers and i feel sick! overall i felt that it did help me, and now im ready to come off so fingers crossed!!! good luck!!!

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