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    Doctor says "Talking with friends and family can help" and "Anxiety is normal"

    So my nightmare came true, doctor couldn't give two ***** although I kind of blame my self for not being more assertive. So in short I tell him of my feelings and he says talking to family and friends would help and gives me a phone number for some lottery funded counselling service... even though I explained to him how I am with phone calls to strangers, I was shaking and sweating talking about how I feel and he tells me that feelings of anxiety are normal... WTF DO I DO NOW (dont know if this is the right place for this)

    I couldn't ask him for a sick note either(also have severe psoriasis on my feet)

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    Re: Doctor says "Talking with friends and family can help" and "Anxiety is normal"

    Try seeing the counsellor as they are really helpful , maybe see a different GP,as they arent always right... X
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    Re: Doctor says "Talking with friends and family can help" and "Anxiety is normal"

    Is there another doctor in the practice who you could go and see? I have been really lucky as all my doctors are so understanding. When I go they let me in the back door so I don't have to go in the waiting room and on my worst days when I have phoned with uncontrollable crying they have sent a doctor to my home. Usually there is more than one doctor in a practice so maybe you could get recommendations from friends about who the best one to see might be? I am really sorry that yours was so unsympathetic with you. I hope you can find lots of support on this site

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    Re: Doctor says "Talking with friends and family can help" and "Anxiety is normal"

    How awful for you and very unprofessional of the doctor to palm you off like this. It takes a lot of courage to discuss our mental health issues and I think your doctors comments will no doubt have knocked your confidence. I am sorry you had to endure that.

    I agree with the others, see if you can get an appointment with a different doctor, it may make a difference if you get one that actually understands the impact this illness has on us. Good luck. Kitti
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