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Thread: Globus sensation, help and advice?

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    Globus sensation, help and advice?

    So I've had it for little under a month now and I first noticed it when I had a terrible panic attack with something that happened with my sister, it won't leave now :'(
    It's really bringing me down, sometimes (Like now) it feels so much better, but when I lay down and let my mind wonder, it gets to a point I feel like someone has their foot on my throat. I can't get the idea of throat cancer out my head, even though I know it's not throat cancer, I have no pain, no difficulty eating or drinking (infact eating make it's feel so much better, it relaxes my throat so much) my therapist asked where I was feeling it and I pointed and she said "let me assure you, you would not be talking if you had a cancerous lump growing in that area" my own therapist told me exactly what I was feeling, but my stupid head keeps saying CANCER CANCER CANCER.
    I keep swallowing which is probably irritating my throat muscles which is making it harder to go away.
    Like I said, right now it's barely there and when I talk it goes completely, but once I start having the racing thoughts about throat cancer and what else it could be, it literally feels like my throat is closing in.

    It's such a horrible side effect of anxiety, the worst one I've felt yet and what's worse is I'm the one making it stay and I can't help it :(

    Anyone else suffered with this horrid symptom?

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    Re: Globus sensation, help and advice?

    I'm going to bump this message, I know I'm probably not allowed but this is extremely important for me, I need someone to talk to, so I'm sorry for breaking any kind of rule :(

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    Re: Globus sensation, help and advice?

    It happens to me! I've had it pretty constant for the past two weeks. I had no idea what it was but it seems its tension. I too am extremely worried of throat cancer, but if it wasn't my throat it'd be my brain, or stomach or colon or breasts or eyes. I'm so sick of this. I've only had health anxiety for the past two months and a series of frequent extreme panic attacks seemed to start it. But it's driving me insane. I'm sick of this obsession with my body and feeling I'm about to die. Ugh, it's so hard to stop this symptom, I agree. But it seems the only way to stop it is forget it. ��

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