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Thread: coping with a child with a phobia

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    I think that is a great step - even to have her hold the string, as well as the symbolic side of letting it go. If you get the chance to do it again perhaps under a more "controlled" situation that she can feel more comfortable, it might be another positive step. As a phobic of this problem, my worry would have been if it floated to the ceiling, how would the heat of the lights effect it - maybe it would break etc - just be careful that she does not become paranoid with smaller issues that others may not see as a threat. To me, sharp corners, even having them lay on the floor could all be potential issues. Good luck, and let us know how things progress with the Doctor.

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    I dont know if this will help but is it all ballons or only certain shapes?

    Maybe if you got something really cool shape ballon or like a ballon with somethig your daughter likes on it, maybe that might help?

    or like with ballons tied together to make sometthing like a dog or a hat, might make it interesting and fun?

    sorry if ths doesnt help but just some ideas.

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    Re: coping with a child with a phobia

    [I guess that our concern was that we would be met with the same reaction that we receive from parents; laughter or told she'll grow out of it. Or be accused of wasting their time as so many other people experience a phobia to some degree. I studied psychology at university and spent some time studying phobia treatments, from what I remember I felt that the various treatments weren't suitable for a child so young. I think that we are at the stage where we would be prepared to give anything a chance as seeing her reaction is absolutely heart breaking]

    I can absolutely relate to this. Our daughter has blood phobia and I was completely dismissed by our GP, without any signposting to any other services, which has left us nowhere! If you can get some advice from websites and take that with you to the doctors - and make sure you and your husband go to the appointment together - hopefully they will take you more seriously. Good luck!

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    Re: coping with a child with a phobia

    HI again Katie, you might not get a reponse from the OP on this one, as the thread is 13 years old.

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