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    Working myself please :(

    Hi Guys,
    I went to the doc for routine blood work and my TSH was 4.8 which indicates mild hypothyroid. This is just freaking me out, depressing me so much. After a follow up with my doctor we decided to recheck it in four weeks to make sure that it wasn't some fluke thing or lab error and I felt better at first but now I can't shake it.

    I don't want to take meds, I am med phobic. I am worried that I will get side effects, particularly insomnia (that is a trigger for me). I feel dragging and down and I can't seem to enjoy anything right now. The tape in my head is saying "you can't laugh at that, you can't go here or there you might have a thyroid condition".

    I know this is a common condition, and I know many people who have it but I just feel like it is too much, I can't take another "issue" in my life. I am just defeated and worn out.



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    Re: Working myself please :(

    Hello Ivy..

    I know we spoke about this a little while ago but honestly.. please don't worry. If you do go onto some thyroxine, it will be the smallest dose.. probably only a 25 to top your thyroxine up. I was on 200 for about 10 years and now on 150.

    There is nothing untoward in the tablets, just a little top up of what you are missing. I am also pill phobic so understand where you are coming from but trust me.. if you need them, take them... you will be fine.

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    Re: Working myself please :(

    Hey MissDynamite,
    Yeah we did talk about it, I am just struggling with the whole thing. Thanks for filling me in on your situation, it really helps more than you know. I am working really hard on taking all of the experiences that everyone has and telling myself that it is going to be ok, that so many people are in this situation and that helps. It is like I am still in shock a little, I just didn't expect this.


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