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Thread: Pregnancy anxiety, must I believe her?

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    Pregnancy anxiety, must I believe her?

    so this girl and I moved into our dorms the same week and quickly became friends. He hung out for weeks before actually having sex, I wasn't planning on actually having sex with her but she would sleep in my bed every night and it was just bound to happen.

    I never had unprotected sex, and she claims she was on birth control. But one of the times we had sex I ejaculated on her stomach after taking my condom off. Now I suffer from anxiety, paranoia, ocd, whatever you want to label this. And as soon as i started wiping the semen off her I began to notice that a little was on her thigh. I became worried right away, legit, right away. thinking to myself "oh she's pregnant, im screwed"

    A week later she texts me in the morning saying "i got my period, you can stop worrying"

    I have an issue believing people in certain situations. I kept asking her if she was lying to me just to make my mind at ease, but she stayed headstrong with her answer that was "no, i'm not lying"

    it's been a month and i still worry, i haven't really spoken to her in weeks because she moved out of the dorms due to life issues. What do I do? Do I just believe her and move on?

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    Re: Pregnancy anxiety, must I believe her?

    Simple biology, the sperm has to be able to get to the egg.
    She's not pregnant. No reason for her to lie

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    Re: Pregnancy anxiety, must I believe her?

    Sounds like the truth to me, don't think she would lie about it. In any case you would be very unlucky for her to fall pregnant like that. She is also likely to be on birth control like she stated. The odds of pregnancy even if she wasn't on the pill would be extremely small. Stop worrying!


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    Re: Pregnancy anxiety, must I believe her?

    As someone who has been trying for a baby for several months I can tell you, she ain't pregnant!! I understand the obsessive worry though, been there myself. It's biologically just not possible though x x
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