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Thread: Tips for this evening PLEEEEASE!!! :-)

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    Exclamation Tips for this evening PLEEEEASE!!! :-)

    Hi guys!

    Hope everyone is battling on ok. So over the past week I have had an anxiety relapse (Episode) which involves the usual i.e. not being able to leave the house without freaking out and panicking, constantly on edge and worried etc.
    And tonight im going to bingo to try and get myself back into the real world and get rid of this 'episode' as quickly as i can.
    I am extremely nervous (as usual) and fear ill end up freaking out and running home.........
    Has anyone got any useful tips they'd like to share about controlling and coping with this type of social/agoraphobic anxiety please.

    Many Thanks


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    Re: Tips for this evening PLEEEEASE!!! :-)

    The fact that you've even arranged to go out is a massive positive - focus on that. And remember that you can leave any time, that always helps me.

    Have a lovely night xx
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    Re: Tips for this evening PLEEEEASE!!! :-)

    This is a hard one cos it's all very well sitting hear writing but whe you're in the middle of a panic attack it feels like all reason goes out the window!! lol
    But some things that help sometimes are:
    repeating self coping statements, for me these are 'this is only panic and it will pass, it's uncomfortable for now but it will ease'
    -make sure I'm breathing from my diaphram I do this by breathing in for 4 then out my mouth through pursed lips for 7 counts.
    -chewing gum is good to get rid of that dry mouth and desire to chew lips/cheek feeling
    -lavender oil/neroli oil or rescue remedy
    -have a chamomile tea before you go out
    If you're already there then I hope it is going well for you and you even get a shout

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    Re: Tips for this evening PLEEEEASE!!! :-)

    Going through this at the minutejust comes out of now here but DP with it also
    Lots of brilliant advice from you Vicky, I have those oils and do that type of breathing
    At the moment just trying to repeat the statements you use

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