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Thread: EMDR experiences?

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    EMDR experiences?

    I've just started EMDR treatment today and I was wondering if anyone had any experiences of it that they could share? or even knowledge etc? I feel very sad and upset after leaving it due to it bringing up some things that I normally don't like to talk about. Feel quite rubbish after it to be honest... is this normal?

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    Re: EMDR experiences?

    I have been through it and felt exactly the same as you describe after sessions ... there is a longer thread on here somewhere with my experiences that I documented while going through it. You feel worse while you go through it and then eventually traumatic experiences feel more "distant" I guess is the term that most adequately describes it. I do think it helped me.

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    Re: EMDR experiences?

    i was doing it for a while and i dont know whether i can bring myself to go back after the xmas break... I know it was working and doing good, but part of my anxiety is running away and ignoring things i find difficult, so i have been ignoring my therapists emails...

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    Re: EMDR experiences?

    Stick with EMDR! It took me two sessions before I got anywhere, and swgrl09 is right, it will eventually make you perceive your traumatic memories as very distant. They will no longer bother you if you stick with it! I promise!

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