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    blood test results back.... .vision issues

    Hi guys

    Just rang gp for blood test results from last week

    Thyroid - normal
    Long term blood sugar normal
    Inflammation markers normal
    Full blood count normal

    So basically everything normal!

    I know I should feel better but I still have no answers and my vision is still weird.

    I have ...
    blue and white sparks when eyes closed
    Blurred vision
    Terrible night vision
    Visual snow
    Randomly seeing a blue spot or flash can't tell which eye it's coming from so think it's both

    Now I'm more convinced than ever I have brain tumour or ms

    Doc has said no to mri scan

    I have had eyes checked 3 times in the last month they look fine

    I'm scared

    Bel xxx

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    Re: blood test results back.... .vision issues

    Great news on the blood test results.

    I just found this for you (I can't post the link as I am on my iPhone - but it's on the anxiety centre website - this always helps me bring my 'symptoms' in to check)

    Sight (anxiety symptoms commonly associated with sight):

    ''I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead and some come from behind. But I've bought a big bat. I'm all ready you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me''
    ~Dr Seuss~

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    Re: blood test results back.... .vision issues

    Hi I think if everything has come back ok it should put your mind to rest but if you are like me it doesn't last long I have similar symptoms and last night I kept getting strange vision when trying to sleep it was like foggy round outside of vision but I could still see it really scared me so much ended up having a panic attack so I didn't sleep and got up feeling worse and sick and alight headache cause of it all,I get over worrying about one thing then something else comes on,hope you feel better soon and you have been checked out so try and relax hard I know,take care toria x

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    Re: blood test results back.... .vision issues

    I agree if your blood results are fine, this is a good sign, I have all your symptoms and have had a brain MRI, which although it was clear, did not reassure me, as straight away began thinking it had been missed on the scan. It's a vicious circle. So try and be reassured by your GP

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