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    Side Effect

    I'm looking into taking Citalopram but one of my main obsessions at the moment is around my bowels. I have a fear of needing the toilet when out or in social situations which has resulted in my getting piles (from forcing before going anywhere). Because of my piles I'm always very worried about getting constipated (as I do have quite a poor diet but trying to improve this) and I noticed one of the side effects of this drug is constipation? I just wondered how many people have had this side effect from this drug, and I'd also like to know how many people haven't had this side effect.

    If you did get this side effect how long did it last & how severe was it? Sorry if this is TMI!

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    Re: Side Effect

    I had constipation before and after I started cipralex. The only time I am otherwise is during panic and anxiety. Therefore it's not for everybody. Dont anticipate this side effect before it even happened. Think that medicine will help and that you will tolerate the side effects if needed.
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    Re: Side Effect


    I don't have any experience with this particular AD but it's also a known side effect for venlafaxine which I take. I've never really found it a problem but in anticipation, I started drinking prune juice (yuk, I know!) at night before bed and it really helps. Also make sure you're drinking plenty of water throughout the day as this prevents dehydration which also causes constipation.

    My guess, you should be ok.

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    Re: Side Effect

    Not been a problem at 20mg. I have IBS from time to time, long before the pills were started.

    Piles: try otameal, two packets everyday for breakfast. Works for many people. Constipation is the cause of piles.

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    Re: Side Effect

    I've had the opposite - if anything its made me more regular.

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