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Thread: can you feel palpitations in your throat??

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    can you feel palpitations in your throat??

    hi, ive been getting some weird flutters in my throat a bit similar to when your heart skips a bit like when some one scares you. there pretty weird to discribe. curious to see if anyone else had this feeling, i think i am so in tune to my body any feeling i feel gets blown out of proportion. dam i hate anxiety cheers guys

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    Re: can you feel palpitations in your throat??

    No need to describe, I'm sure we all know what you mean.

    I've certainly had similar. In fact when my anxiety was at it's worst (I had a breakdown) I could feel my pulse pounding from my head to my toes. That was scary - but "just" anxiety (and depression at the time), nothing more.

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    Re: can you feel palpitations in your throat??

    Missed beats can most def be felt as a flutter in the throat / flip flop in the chest or thump in the chest even with a bit of light headedness as well. I have had them daily for past 34 years!

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