So here i am again, it always seem to be this time of the year buty symptoms this time are definatly more relevant. Since august i have had n on off sore throat, i had come to the conclusion of an embedded tonsil stone and acter calming myself down it actually went away for around 2 months low and behd xmas day it came back! It feels like something is stuck behind my tonsil, something sharp. I got a fever and my limbs were aching.....still managing to shrug it off but then i had the google ad i have t stopped since and it seems i have all the symptoms of some sort of lymphoma!! Especially one enlarged tonsil (dr put me on penicillin today and seems to have subsided the sorre throat alreAdy) but i also found that hair loss is a symptom and i have been concerned about increased hairloss lateley. So u see i have driven myslef crazy again and i have an ent app in 3 weeks but im terrified as i have read that some people have been told there and then that they have cancer!! I think id faint! Im 34, 2 small kids, smoker (soon to be non) overweight and now quite mad!!! I have no lumps that i can feel just a very obvious enlarged tonsil which is very lumpy and disfigured ( prob for glandular fever as a child) please please help me im sobbing ust writing this x