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    Driving myself crazy worrying over thyroid biopsy

    Hello everyone,

    I've not been on here for a long, long time... in fact I thought I had overcome my HA but it's back with a vengeance.

    A couple of years ago, I found a lump on the back of my neck, showed it to my GP who said it's nothing. Then in the summer I went to see a hematology consultant and showed this lump to her also. She wasn't overly concerned but sent me for an ultrasound scan, which I had in October. The lump turned out to be nothing to worry about, however the doc that did the scan thought that my thyroid looked enlarged and scanned that, and found some nodules. I've had a thyroid biopsy on the 10th of December and no results yet, not even an appointment. My GP and all other medics I've seen seemed unconcerned, saying that they suspect a multi-nodular goitre, which is common, and that even IF I have thyroid cancer, it will be highly treatable. So I tried not to worry and I coped ok.

    Anyway, before xmas I came down with a cold which is still not gone. So now my mind has gone into overdrive, thinking that I have the worst form of thyroid cancer and that it's affecting my immune system. I keep googling and checking my neck, and I'm really worried. The biopsy results were meant to be back within 7-10 days and my friend (a breast cancer survivor) said she thinks that if I had cancer, the results would have flagged up somewhere and my GP or so would have contacted me by now. But of course I'm thinking that my results got lost in the system because of the holidays. I'm just worried sick and driving myself crazy.

    I'm sorry this is so long... just had to get it off my chest. Is there anyone else on here who has thyroid problems?

    Thanks everyone, and Happy New Year.

    Cygfa xx

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    Re: Driving myself crazy worrying over thyroid biopsy

    I could write you a book on thyroid nodules. I have a thyroid nodule 1.9 cm on left side of thyroid, (they check every year) you have no idea what I put my family through in 6 months, I am going to try and make it short. I like you was petrified, last January, I had the ultrasound, and it had grown from the previous year, so I had to do the biopsy which wasn't real bad, they used lidocaine for numbing, so that was the worse part for me. Anyway it did come back suspicious for foliculour (know I spelled that wrong) cancer. I knew within 2 days of that biopsy they did not mess around. Anyway My Doctor reassured me things would be fine thyroid cancer IS the most treatable form of cancer you can have. All I had to hear is the word CANCER, and I have bad HA, I freaked, I turned my life upside down from there. Anyway the next couple weeks I had to face all the pre-op testing, I had myself dying. Petrified of any kind of test. Made it through all of them (barely) then it came the big day, it was my husband, my best friend and myself. I got all the way in there gown and all, and backed out, I am afraid to put to sleep. I did this 3 times, finally I went to my endocrinologist (where I should of went from the start) and he had my findings sent to Philadelphia were we have the best of the best Doctors there, and the biopsy came back fine!!!!!!!!!! Soooooooooo after all that here comes January again, and I have to get the yearly checkup, I am freaking out. (you are not alone) If your results were bad, I believe they would of contacting you right away. I know it is scarey, but try not to get to upset, until you have something to be upset for. If I wasn't such a big baby this would all be behind me, and I wouldn't have to worry anymore. Sorry so long, and good luck to you, let me know how you do.

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    Re: Driving myself crazy worrying over thyroid biopsy

    Thanks panickyme. And I'm sorry you're having such a tough time - HA is just horrible, and the things we do to ourselves and our loved ones are usually much worse than the medical problems we face (if any!). I hope that you'll find the courage to have your operation, you'll be so proud of yourself, plus you'll be able to put all this stuff behind you. Big hugs to you!

    I'm going to see my GP this afternoon because I want some meds for my sinuses. I'm hoping that she'll have access to the bipsy results, so maybe I can go into 2013 without panic... or if it's bad news, at least I'll know what to expect.

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    Re: Driving myself crazy worrying over thyroid biopsy

    Good luck today, I will be thinking of you. I hope you results are in, that would be a great way to start 2013. (and thank you) Let me know how you do today!!! and Happy New Year!!!!!

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    Re: Driving myself crazy worrying over thyroid biopsy

    Thanks panickyme, I'll let you know how it goes x

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