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    : hello any body out there need to talk

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    Hi Sprinterlux

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    Re: Quetiapine

    Finding this hard to understand. Never was any good at school mind you still had ready reckon ers when I was there. I'm sure I will pick it up I was struck down 15 mths back whilst on holiday a long way from here. Had to return to uk after 6 days of a 21 day break what a journey that was 2 long flights and out of my head on a tablet I bought from street chemist. Been on citalopram sertraline and now sert andquetiapine together starting to wonder if you do get better or is this it? Can only describe my state as flat no emotions

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    Re: Quetiapine

    How long have you been on the new medication? You will get better it just takes time.

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    Six days on quetiapine 25 mg buton sertraline app 4 mths seem very flat was great up till app 3 weeks back Can't understand why

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