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Thread: scared to take my fluoxetine :(

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    scared to take my fluoxetine :(

    hey everyone. The past couple of years have been one horrible event after the other and then one day. I finally broke down in the doctors office. He prescribed me Citalopram. I felt a little sick at first but that was fine, it didn't help me at all though. Then I went back for my monthly check up to see how I was dealing with the pills and I told him straight it wasn't working, so he gave me fluoxetine. iv been taking them for a few weeks now and I'm feeling better emotionally sometimes but physically I am awful, I feel sick all the time and I am sooo tierd. Is this normal???? I was thinking about just stopping them but I read that that would just make me worse. I don't know what to do.I have another appointment with my doctor in 9days but I don't know whether to keep taking them or stop :( thank you

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    Re: scared to take my fluoxetine :(

    Prozac worked for me some years ago and was brilliant, stick with it. It can sometimes take a month or two for it to settle down. I wish you all the best.


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    Re: scared to take my fluoxetine :(

    Stick with it. The first few weeks were really tough for me. I felt so panicky all the time it was horrible but it passes. Day 41 for me today and all the side effects have passed. Can take 6-10 weeks before you feel the full benefits though so don't set yourself unrealistic expectations. Good luck
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    Re: scared to take my fluoxetine :(

    Agree, stick with it, am on day 26 now & even though not much better I have hope they will work soon xx

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    Re: scared to take my fluoxetine :(

    Please stick with it, like Arnie said they can take 6-10 weeks to really get working and the side effects are hell but there is light at the end of the tunnel and they worked for me.

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    Re: scared to take my fluoxetine :(

    Hi Anz,

    Whatever you do, do not stop taking the tablets without your doctor saying to. You need to gradually come off them and not just stop as that can cause some serious side effects that will just make you feel a heap worse.

    Whenever you start a new medication it will take time before the full effects are felt as the drug needs time to build up in your system and normally you need around 6 - 8 weeks for the drug to build up to levels that will have an effect. If your still not feeling right after this then speak to your doctor and ask him to increase your dosage. What dosage has he put you on at the moment?

    When I had Fluoxetine, my doctor told me that it is dual medication and shouldn't be taken on it's own and needs to be taken with another tablet to balance out the side effects so it might be worth speaking to your doctor to check this. Mine had a special interest in depression but I couldn't say if he was right or not as I am not a doctor myself

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    Re: scared to take my fluoxetine :(

    Good Morning Anz, Horrible side effects on fluoxetine are normal for first few weeks so don't stop taking them. I am on week 4 starting week 5 tomorrow and still have side effects but I will give them more time to work. Same like you I feel really tired all the time. I still feel sick some days but not so bad like in week 1-3. I hope you feel better today.

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    Re: scared to take my fluoxetine :(

    Thank you all for your advice. Jae33uk, I'm on 20mg. I do feel better today. . Cuddled up on couch with kitten. Thank you all so much x

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