I quit taking Zyprexa (10 mg) cold turkey (after taking it for 2 months) after my psych switched to abilify (10 mg). The day I switched to abilify is when the insomnia started. My psych kept denying it was the zyprexa withdrawal and kept trying to claim it was a sympton of my bipolar. I knew she was wrong because I had never had insomnia like this before in my entire life. The zyprexa triggered something in my brain to prevent me from sleeping.

After doing some research I discovered zyprexa withdrawal. I decided to stop taking abilify cold turkey after 3 weeks in hopes to prevent any further damage to my Central Nervous System. The first few days were fine albeit the insomnia was still strong. All the withdrawal symptoms you are mentioning here I was experiencing minus the vomiting.

The good news is this.. I've been off Zyprexa for about 7 weeks now and the severe withdrawal symptoms are starting to get better. I haven't had any severe panic attacks for 2 days now and I've slept decently for the past 3 days. I am starting to see the silver lining.

I'm writing this post for those who are lacking hope and think this will never end. It does seem to get better. Take this from somebody who stopped cold turkey! It can be done. Good luck to you all and my love, hope, and prayers for you all.