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Thread: Emetophobia/ Fear of being sick

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    Re: Emetophobia/ Fear of being sick

    I have used other sites but I find this one the best as the other members here are very encouraging and have helped me. I have a direct link to NMP on my phone so I have it at hand to read over when I start to panic. This is also something that has helped me a lot in the light of the season that we are in. It is on the emetophobia help ( website which has a norovirus facts page. This is a CBT self help website so the resources section for some may be a bit traumatic (myself included). i wanted to post the link but i dont have enough posts yet to do it. Hope this finds you all well.

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    Re: Emetophobia/ Fear of being sick

    I have been working hard on getting over my emetophobia. I'm going to post some steps I've taken, but be warned that they may be a little graphic for those that are fairly sensitive. If you are concerned, don't read too much!
    1. Talk about it a lot. I used to not even be able to say words like "vomit", "throw up", "retch" etc. Now I openly tell people I'm afraid of throwing up and I can use those words. It's also nice to be able to explain to my friends that I am leaving a bar because the guy in the corner looks too nauseous for my comfort, etc. I find that they are fairly understanding.
    2. Watch cartoons with it in it and not worry. For some reason, animated puking is less scary than real puking. I've gotten to the point that I can watch puke scenes in cartoons without panicking. It's uncomfortable, but I can do it most of the time.
    3. Once you're comfortable with cartoon puke, slowly introduce yourself to photos and videos of it. That's the step I'm at, and it's hard.
    4. Watch someone do it? I'm not sure what the next step will be.

    Also, when I feel very nauseous I take a xanax, and then tell myself "it's okay if you throw up. You will feel much better if you do. It doesn't last very long, you can survive a few seconds of agony. And it won't be that bad!". I've made it through a couple of very nauseous episodes without having a full-blown panic attack. I was anxious but wasn't having a panic attack. I still didn't throw up, but at least I was relatively calm about it. progress!

    Give yourself time, but work on it. Don't concentrate on ways to STOP yourself from throwing up, concentrate on ways to convince yourself that it will be okay. And I think therapy is probably a good option for a lot of people! It's been helping me a lot.

    I hope this helps someone. It's a hard journey and it's not fun, but it'll be nice to finally conquer this thing!

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    Re: Emetophobia/ Fear of being sick

    betsylu, it was hard readng your post but i did it. i agree totall with the steps you've taken. watching someone? well you could but perhaps you dont need to go that far. but you have done brilliantly. i admire your resolve!

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    Re: Emetophobia/ Fear of being sick

    Justinianian what a ridiculous post to put on this thread . Not helpful to anybody at all. And as a bulimia sufferer in the past downright stupid

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    Re: Emetophobia/ Fear of being sick

    I absolutely agree, avoidance techniques don't help recovery x

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