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Thread: Diaphragm, Deep Breath problem

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    Diaphragm, Deep Breath problem

    does anyone else here get this? sometimes i just cannot take a deep breath, it's as if my diaphragm has ceased up and refuses to let me. it's horrible, i can feel panic starting, thinking i'm never going to be able to breathe properly again, and i have to take lots of little shallow breaths.. then a couple of minutes later i feel something relax, and once again i can take a very welcome deep breath.

    when it's 'ceased up' i can't yawn either.

    weird. :(

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    Re: Diaphragm, Deep Breath problem

    It sounds like a spasm of anxiety and I had a spell of something similar that lasted for about 3 months, all I used to do was sigh and I just couldn't get enough air into my lungs, the first time I had it, it really worried me, then it happened again a year later and I didn't worry about it as much and again it disappeared in its own time, so I put it down to anxiety.

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    Re: Diaphragm, Deep Breath problem

    yup, but mine is broken so I cannot hold my breath either. Yours is probably just tense.

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    Re: Diaphragm, Deep Breath problem

    Hi Daisy Sue
    I've had this too. It's stress with me. I was diagnosed with mild asthma but I notice if I focus on it, it always gets worse. My asthma specialist said it's called over breathing. You basically get used to your lungs being inflated and your body taking on lots of oxygen.
    One thing I know is if I can't get a really deep breath all I have to do is hold my breath for a moment and then it's fine.
    After having extensive tests for this I'm sure it's anxiety with me and may well be with you.
    If you're concerned see your doctor.
    The thing is breathing is one of the few automatic actions in our body which we can also control. A specialist said to me to remember it's not possible to breathe too little as the survival needs of the body spring into avtion and force us to breathe.
    I find relaxation techniques help. Also if I'm busy I don't notice it.
    Take care
    Nighttime Pacer

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    Re: Diaphragm, Deep Breath problem

    Quote Originally Posted by LittleMissSleepy View Post
    yup, but mine is broken so I cannot hold my breath either. Yours is probably just tense.
    your diaphragm is broken?? how did that happen? and are you ok? i mean, can you get treatment for it?


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    thanks everyone who answered

    i guess i just need to accept it is probably connected to anxiety - it's just a newish symptom for me, i used to get classic panic symptoms, these days it's all different.

    i'll definitely try the holding my breath for a moment thing next time.. that's the opposite of what i want to do when it happens, i keep trying for the deep breath to prove to myself i can still breathe, but i will try - so thanks

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