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Thread: embarassed about my stutter

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    Unhappy embarassed about my stutter

    cos of my anxiety my speech has gotten worse i stutter all the time no words hardly come out right but i get embarassed if i do it in public like the other day when was out someone heard me and then for the train ride home felt really down about it plus anxiety was on a high being on a packed train when that person heard me i ended up hateing myself and i do hate my self that i cant talk normal i just hate it i notice my anxiety has made it worse i dread going out in public more i sometimes get to scared to speak this anxiety is ruining my life

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    Re: embarassed about my stutter

    Have you thought about referring yourself to the local speech and language therapy service? They would be able to help you by giving you strategies. Your GP should be able to refer you too. x

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    Re: embarassed about my stutter

    I was studying to be a Speech and Language therapist for a little while - dropped out recently due to a few personal issues - but I think you should definitely seek one out. There were a lot of cases I studied in which anxiety was the main cause of the problem, and a lot of different exercises and techniques to manage and tackle it. I actually have the same problem when I get really nervous; all my words get tangled up and it sounds like I've got a gobstoppper in my mouth, but putting the techniques into practice did actually help me out!

    Interestingly enough, there was someone on my course who had a stutter, but was always the main contributor in group discussions. I had a lot of respect for him.

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    Re: embarassed about my stutter

    if i am asked a question and reply

    if the person turns around and says - what did you say

    i can't seem to ever say that word again :( without it sounding really slurred

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    Re: embarassed about my stutter

    Quote Originally Posted by readyaimfire View Post
    if i am asked a question and reply

    if the person turns around and says - what did you say

    i can't seem to ever say that word again :( without it sounding really slurred

    That often happens to me - if someone asks me to repeat myself, I find it hard to do it without stuttering. For some reason, I think being asked to repeat myself makes me nervous.

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    Re: embarassed about my stutter

    Awww I'm sorry you get so embarrassed, you do not have to feel this way. We are what we are, and we sound like we sound. Be so thankful that you can talk, no matter how it comes out. I do this all the time, I get tripped up on my words, and it comes out wrong, I just try to make fun of myself I go blip blip blip thats all folks, like the cartoon. Try not to concentrate on it to much, and I bet the words will come out much better. Hope you feel better soon.

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