was on 50, then to 100 and now to 150 where finally managed to start getting sleep..... 5 hours a night .... wow so so much.. well for me it is after months n months with none.
had alot to deal with this week and now havent slept for last 3 nights at all and it now 4am..... if id be at work id have to be up in an hour!!!
do u think the trazadone will let me get back to sleep like i was in a bit again???? or has this messed up week spoilt any chances of that?

also last night when i did drop off for ten mins had horrific nightmare (never usually dream much or anything like that) andthen same happened tonight when dropped for 15 mins or so :(

right heading bk to bed to try and sleep....... as want a productive day tomorro writing notice, seeing a friend, tidying, im making a nice tea for my family tomorrow etc.... but easier said than done with no sleep.... always case when im feeling i want to be productive.... :(