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Thread: Forgotten username or password?

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    Forgotten username or password?

    Hi all

    You do not need to contact me to reset your password or ask what your username is if you cannot remember it.

    Simply click on "Forgotten your password" in the top right hand corner where you would normally login:

    Then at the next screen follow the instructions. A new password link will be sent to you.

    This will also detail your forum login name but please make sure you type this in exactly including the spaces (if any) in the name.

    I get a lot of "contact us" emails saying the password reset doesn't work and it is usually because the member is entering the wrong username so please check the email for the correct name.

    If you have changed email addresses since you registered, however, you will need to use the "Contact Us" so I can sort it out for you.

    Please do NOT create a new account because you have forgotten your password. It is far less work for us to sort things out if you contact us to sort things out.

    Thank You
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