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    Unhappy Clicking & lump on right side of throat

    I'm a 20 yr old male with hypochondria, I have been worrying about my throat these past couple of days.

    My symptoms

    • Turn head to the right and hear clunking/clicking on the right side of my Adams apple.
    • I have a very small lump on the right side of Adams apple.

    I can also 'move' my Adams apple/throat from side to side and I hear my throat click quite strongly (its more like it's clunking back into a place/catching on a ligament or grinding on cartilage underneath the throat) The strange thing is, when I turn my head to the left it feels smooth and does not click or grind.

    I'm worried at what this is and if anyone has the same symptoms, is this normal? Has anyone experienced this?

    Does this suggest my throat structure is loosing stability in your opinion?

    I'm searching for some reassurance to take my mind off constantly testing and observing myself.

    Thanks allot guys, Tom.

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    Re: Clicking & lump on right side of throat

    I can understand your concern but it doesn't sound like a major issue to me. I know its not easy to accept this as an answer but it could literally just be tension? Is your neck stiff? Are you tense? Is your jaw tense? Do you clench it and grind your teeth? I sometimes get a really clicks jaw when I eat or even when I talk or move it. I've put it down to tension as my back, neck is always quite tense and this can lead to your problems with your jaw. Why don't you try some jaw exercising techniques? I know it sounds strange but it might it better. Or just leave it for a few more days and if it doesn't go then see your doctor. Good luck!

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    Re: Clicking & lump on right side of throat

    I have considered it might be tension in the neck but I do try to relax it and turn my head to the right very slowly and lightly but no matter how I do it there's a clunk. Very frustrating.

    Good idea, I will try exercising and massage to the throat and I do hope it goes away, otherwise I may have to take a trip down to the docs.

    Thanks ecila92,


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