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Thread: emetophobia & IBS = Me

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    Re: emetophobia & IBS = Me

    It's a horrible vicious circle that we have to deal with everyday! How are u doing work wise now!? I'm a teacher so especially find it hard when noro is going xx

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    Re: emetophobia & IBS = Me

    i am slowing working throuh it, works still crap, just looking for a new job atm, just been to doctors and got Sertraline for depression as i have low mood, but im worried bout taking new tablets, plus i already take meberine for my ibs and lansoperal for belly, will Sertraline be ok with theis tablets ?? plus it says avoid grape fruite, ??
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    Re: emetophobia & IBS = Me

    I'm a severe emet and feel sick EVERYDAY and sometimes all day. It's making me really depressed, scared and upset. Today has been OK but still not great. I can't sleep anymore because I feel nauseous. I'm also sick and tired of hearing about noro STILL doing its rounds. I don't work or anything so I highly doubt I'll catch it but still... You teachers, nurses and Mothers are really awesome and strong people.

    When I feel really fine I feel so weird, because I have had so many bad days now that I can't remember what a good day felt like. Also, when I do feel fine, my brain always finds things to worry about. It's like it's saying, 'This isn't right, you should be worrying about something!', so I start getting anxious again. Ugh.
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    Re: emetophobia & IBS = Me

    I Kno how u feel, i used to have good days and always feel like that there should be something wrong with me, so when i did feel ok i felt as if something bad was gna happen.

    have you tried distracting yourself or a simple meditation exercise, when I cant sleep i meditate. all it is basically is relaxing all your muscles and clearing your mind and slowing your body down, really works wonders
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    Re: emetophobia & IBS = Me

    I've got pretty severe emetophobia as well-I haven't thrown up in about 14 years. A lot of times people say "what? you never throw up? you're so lucky!" but they don't understand the alternative: panic attacks, anxiety, being sick for much longer... People who are fine throwing up can just do it and get rid of whatever is in their stomach causing problems. I hold it in and am sick for days!

    I'm working on getting better by addressing my anxiety. I'm trying to get calmer overall, figure out a more relaxed lifestyle. I've started being more comfortable talking about my phobia with people. If I need to leave a situation because I'm afraid of someone throwing up near me, I just tell my friends what is going on. I find they are generally very understanding and it does me good to talk about it.

    When the nausea is really bad (I have IBS and GERD as well), I find that ginger and gravol help me a lot, and distraction is the best thing ever. I read internet articles because they are short enough to keep me fully interested in them and my mind doesn't wander. I hope that helps!

    Also: peppermint tea helps a lot of people with nausea and upset stomach, but for me it makes it worse. If you have nausea because of acid reflux, peppermint may exacerbate the symptoms. It makes me feel really bloated and burpy and nauseous. I stick with ginger! But don't let that dissuade you, peppermint works for a lot of people. Just try a little at first.

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    Re: emetophobia & IBS = Me

    What you have just described is 100% me. Its scary but comforting to think someone else like me is out there. Im currently having cbt but am looking into different types of therapy as I do find talking about it helps. My ibs is caused by stress/anxiety so its a vici5 cycle. Im thinking about doing yoga, meditation etc to try and relax myself and also some homeopathic remedies. Have you considered anything like this? I totally understand how you feel and really sympathize, its miserable :( wish there was a magic pill we could take to make this horrible phobia disappear.

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    Re: emetophobia & IBS = Me

    I'm an emetophobe! It rules my life! I can't do anything without thinking will that make me ill! Going out is the worse, I worry what about if I get it whilst in the car or out and about! I'm worse when I'm with someone excluding family coz lets face it your family will stick with you no matter lol! My triggers are endless! I've learned to deal with quite a lot though and just learned to just accept that this is how I am! It's 12 years now I've been suffering I would say and looking back I have come very far which is a very positive thing. It's still who I am though and I try my best to live with it. Sometimes are worse than others lol xxx

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    I also have ibs, this seems common with this phobia! Hmm interesting lol xxx

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    Re: emetophobia & IBS = Me

    Hi everyone, I am suffering with this for as long as i can remember and can't pin pointwhy or when this just did! No one in my family understands and think I am being silly. My nephew was sick last night and my sister brought him to the family home during the night and then he was fine all day but she just messaged again tonight saying he had been sick again. So just as I started to relax a bit my anxiety and fear is again. Im really terrified to catch anything...this is ruining my life. Feel depressed :(

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    Re: emetophobia & IBS = Me

    Hi Jason,

    I feel like i could have written this myself...I also have Emetophobia, Ibs and panic panic attacks seem to be made a lot worse by the fact they make me nauseous and then i panic even more!!! I really dont know how to calm down, i try to distract myself as much as possible but most of the time i just let it be and hope it will be over quickly...
    I think the Ibs is def stress related. I can go a long time (week or two) without many incidents but then whenever i get stressed....or excited about happens. Its hard to keep my feelings on an even keel, but thats what i seem to try to do. But like you, I do get days where i just feel yucky and then i panic....
    I'm sorry i cant be of more help, but just wanted you to know you are not alone and i totally get where you are coming from. Take care xx

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    Re: emetophobia & IBS = Me

    Hi guys - I'm new here but so glad I've found this forum. Just wanted to give some of the things that I do when I'm having an 'episode'.

    I make myself watch or do something that totally takes over my emotions. For example, a horror movie, suspense thriller, read a scary book, etc. I know this is easier said than done sometimes to get your mind off of it, but sometimes I feel if my brain has no choice but to be occupied with somethign else, the panic goes away.

    I go to a place where it is unacceptable to be in a panic. This is a really tough one to face and do, but it has worked for me. Invite a friend around for a meal or drink, (a friend who DOESN'T know about your anxiety, so you are forced to act normal) go sit on public transport (obviously not touching anything , walk around town, go into a shopping centre, etc.

    Though I know a lot of emets are too anxious to drink alcohol, (I was until I was about 20) and I am in NO WAY condonning alcohol to treat the symptoms of anxiety, but because emetophobia stems from a lack of control fear, I find that I actually feel more empowered and more in control after a glass or two of wine. Like I said - I am in no way condoning this as a coping tool, just for extreme cases it has helped for me anyway.

    In all honesty - if you are in a total uncontrollable panic, get off the internet. It's so tough to do because I know all you want is comforting, but in most cases reading people's stories only flares up the panic. Look at 'getting ill' as a friend you hate, an enemy you've always wanted to tell off - if it happens, you'll kick it's ass and maybe even not care. (!)

    Like I said all of this is easier said than done, but you'll get there. Best of luck.

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