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    Scared of rectal cancer

    For about a year I have had blood when I wipe and burning pain. I did check in a mirror and I have a large tear on the rectum. I went to the dr and he said it was a fissure but when I read online they say that a fissure should heal withen a few weeks I have had mine for a year!! I am so scared now, it's got to be cancer!!! It won't heal!! I am so worried!!

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    Re: Scared of rectal cancer

    From what I've read some fissures can be tricky to heal and take a long time. It might be worth going back to your doctor and telling him how long you've had it and he may be able to give you some ideas on how to heal it more quickly.

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    Re: Scared of rectal cancer

    I had a fissure that took months to heal. I work in a hot place and I'm quite active, so it was always sweaty and it kept opening up again. It eventually healed after I gave it lots of fresh air and put cream on it when I was at work or riding my bike. It still took a few weeks though. I agree it's worth going back to your doc and saying how long you've had it. He might give you something to speed things up a bit.

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