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Thread: Agoraphobic AND claustrophobic at once

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    Agoraphobic AND claustrophobic at once

    Hi guys.

    Having a major problem.

    Had a breakdown at the start of Jan this year. Was fine before that pretty much. Had more and more panic attacks and it's now got to the point where I'm agoraphobic. I can't leave the house very far at all. But at the same time this also makes me feel terribly claustrophobic because right now for instance, I've locked myself in my bedroom to make myself feel better, but I also know that I can't leave the house or even my bedroom for fear of having a panic attack.

    I'm catch 22 right now and I don't feel safe anywhere. Even diazapam isn't helping me with this little problem.

    I'm seeing a very expensive psychiatrist tomorrow so I can explain all this to him but I don't expect him to be able to cure me tomorrow by any means.

    Just wondered if anyone else knows what I mean by this?
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    Re: Agoraphobic AND claustrophobic at once

    Hi there, if u read my first threads/posts this is exactly the chain of events that happend to me. Breakdown - panic attacks - agrophobia. Can relate x

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