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Thread: agoraphobia

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    Hi there,

    I have the exact same thing where I have to push myself to do things. don't worry and try not to think about it - it does eventually get better...

    Sarah (seh1980)

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    I have to be pushed too sometimes. I think it is all part of the condition.
    My husband has put a list on the door, it contains the minimum amount of things I have to do during the day. So even if I can't face doing anything else, I have to complete the list.

    I have to agree, the feeling of losing your mind is one of the worst experiences I have ever had.
    I would curl up into a ball, rock backwards and forwards and scream for someone to help and understand me.

    The concentration thing is a real bummer too. I would find myself reading the same lines over and over again, or I would be watching tv, and I couldn't tell you anything about what I had been watching.

    Oh and the dodgy sleep patten! Sometimes even a walk around the garden can leave me shattered.
    Other times I am watching dawn break and wondering if I will ever get to sleep.

    People accuse you of being lazy, and your not, it is just that you are either too tired or have no motivation.

    Love, light and Best wishes
    Liz xxx
    With hard work and determination and all the things you know.
    The world is there for you to take. There's nowhere you can't go.

    []Scatty Eccentric & 'Poet Laureate to panic and anxiety'

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