Just wondered if anyone had any experience of moving house as an anxiety sufferer.

I've been thinking about it for ages and really want to move away from where I live at the moment. Where I am now I'm quite cut off from what little family I have and any friends I have too plus it's is a bit too in-the-middle-of-nowhere for my liking. I live alone but I do have a friend who has offered to view houses with me and last time I moved my best friend helped me unpack and settle in etc

I had valuations done a week or so back but then, you can guess, anxiety came back. Dizziness is a major trigger (and also a symptom) of anxiety for me and this popped back into my life last weekend. Nothing major but it's almost like it was there, ready to rear it's head when it came to decision time about the house.

Since then I've been really fed up and thinking I don't want to live here but I could take the easy way out and settle for living here purely because it's familiar.

What if I try sell the house and it all goes wrong and I hate the house I buy?

I'm taking anti-d's and some other medication, what if I go to a new place and get some awful doctor who won't prescribe anything for me cos they think I'm being daft?


I think I've kind of got myself into a situation now where I think well I can't ever move because I have anxiety.