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Thread: Dehydration

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    How do you know if your dehydrated?

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    Re: Dehydration

    Pinch the skin on the back of your hand..if it doesn't go down quickly when you leave go then you could be dehydrated

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    and the obvious will probably feel thirsty and lightheaded.

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    Re: Dehydration

    Dark yellow piss

    'AV A

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    Re: Dehydration

    this is gonna sound silly but thirst is the first symptom of mild dehydration

    when you are thirsty doesnt just mean you fancy a drink of water its your body way of telling you dehydration is happening

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    Re: Dehydration

    Normally you'd know if you had reason to be dehydrated, like a vomit/diarrhea bug, or sweating a lot with a fever, hangover etc..

    As has been said, dark urine or even inability to produce urine, thirst/dry mouth, headache, dizziness, faintness, overwhelming tiredness.. can all be signs of dehydration.

    You can buy rehydration sachets without prescription at chemists and supermarkets, which tend to sort you out very quickly, or make your own makeshift 'rehydration' cure by having fresh orange juice, some chocolate, and some crisps.. that kinda covers some of the electrolytes you lose along with fluids..

    Also, coffee & tea can actually dehydrate you, so you're best sticking to water or those sports drinks if you think you're dehydrated.

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    Re: Dehydration

    Thanks everyone xx

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