Hello again,
about 10 days ago I lowered the Escitalopram dosage from 20mg a day to 10mg. I started it in June last year along with 1mg Xanax. Now I'm at 10mg Escitalopram and 0.25mg Xanax (I know that Xanax was supposed to not last so long, but it has helped me a lot).

The first week after I lowered Escitalopram dosage, I felt normal. However the last few days "weakness/numbness" has returned. My biggest issue all the time has been the weakness/numbness thing. However it has been almost always the left side and the "strange" thing is that now my right leg feels weak/numb.

I have two questions:
1. How long after you lower the dosage or go off Escitalopram you get the symptoms?
2. Do you usually get the symptom you fear the most when lowering or going off the meds?

Thank you