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Thread: Panic burns my skin!

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    Panic burns my skin!

    Am new to this forum but was doing a random Google search to find info on burning skin during panic attacks. I've read a lot of accounts of symptoms people get, but burning isn't one that I recall. Anyone else get this symptom? It scares me to death and is so uncomfortable that I cannot stand it. I mainly get it along the edges of my ears and down my back, sometimes on top of my upper arms. It really feels like a superficial burning, like a sunburn almost.

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    Re: Panic burns my skin!

    I would mention this to your doctor as some people have a reaction to sweat. I say this because the places you mention are where your blood vessels dilate and where you produce sweat when you panic. It could be that your sweat makes irritates your skin. Not really anything to worry about though

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    Re: Panic burns my skin!

    It sounds like adrenaline to me. When a wave of adrenaline rushes through out blood, it causes the skin to feel very hot. The more we fear this feeling, the more adrenaline we produce etc etc.

    It just sounds like panic to me.

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    Re: Panic burns my skin!

    I posted a while ago about burning skin sensations, I never I really had it before during attacks but it's now a regular symptom. I've brought it up loads of times with my doctor and he just confirms anxiety.
    I mainly get the burning sensation in thighs and upper arms, it really does feel like sun burn.
    I've read a few anxiety related topics

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    Re: Panic burns my skin!

    I've had a stinging sensation through my skin when I've had panic attacks. I'm not sure if it's the same thing you're talking about though. I would say that as long as it goes away once the anxiety has subsided it is definitely panic related and you shouldn't worry too much, but might be worth mentioning to your doctor.

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    Re: Panic burns my skin!

    Thanks for the input, Everyone. I have been a long time sufferer of PD, but even still I get some crazy symptoms that I might not ever encountered before... I tell people that even if I know what to expect, none of my episodes are ever exactly the same. There is definitely a stinging sensation and absolutely spot - on with the adrenaline's a crazy chemical, no? I will say this, though. My worst panic attack ever was in a mad dash to get to a doc and I was driving furiously through rush hour. I stopped at a traffic light, and I distinctly recall this burning but it was so intense, the only way I could describe it to the doctor moments later was that it was like having red-hot fire pokers coming through my skin from inside to the outside. Very bizarre.

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