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Thread: horrible metal taste 24/7 cant find answer!!!!

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    horrible metal taste 24/7 cant find answer!!!!

    I've posted about this before, and I still have it. It's been 2 months now and it's really getting to me, it's like having a battery in your mouth.

    I've stopped all below for the last month
    Zopiclone( know this can have that side effect)

    This all started 2 months ago when I was put on a extra med,3 days in I got the metal taste.but stopped after 10 days due to other SE. So that as 6 weeks off that, that Med should be well and truly out of my system.

    I am now thinking it's either my med venlafaxine or my amalgam fillings??

    I got to make a decision either med or fillings,problem either way

    Venlafaxine...... got to come down slowly, could take while aghh

    Amalgam fillings..... I've got 6 to change over @ 125 pound per filling

    Just don't know where to start, put can't put up with this taste it's foul nothing taste right.

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    Re: horrible metal taste 24/7 cant find answer!!!!

    Have you seen this on the symptoms page:

    Lack of appetite or taste, a tinny, metallic or ammonia smell or taste

    What you feel:

    Sometimes you just don't feel like eating, or the thought of food is unappealing. Or, that even though you are eating, the food has no taste or is unsatisfying.
    You have a persistent 'tinny', 'metallic' or 'ammonia' smell in your nose, or you taste it often and it's not from your food or environment. Often it's just there, but you can't figure out why
    What causes this:

    Similar to the other stomach related symptoms, loss of appetite is a result of an upset stomach due to the sustained increase in digestive action. Loss of taste occurs because taste buds are nerves, and an over stimulated nervous system can send false signals to the brain which means that sometimes we can experience odd, dulled or incorrect sensory perceptions (since our receptive senses are controlled and interpreted by the nervous system). The loss of taste because of this miscommunication or misinterpretation by the over stimulated nervous does occur. This is another example of how we can receive incorrect or inaccurate sensory perceptions because of an over stimulated nervous system.
    The only remedy for this symptom is rest so that the nervous system can regainits health.

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