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Thread: Confused and worried

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    Confused and worried

    Hey guys,

    For the past 10days i was having constant chest pains and aches (much better today). So i went to e&r and told the. About my history of panic attacks and since I came in to e&r first time in 2006 it has triggered my HA. Ever since then im a wreck and worry about every illness but mostly my heart.

    So e&r gave me ecg, which the doctor said all is good but one line, and she went to consult a senior doctor. When they came back they gave me ultra sound, all was ok. Then they sent me for chest xray all good (the xray doc wrote something of infiltration of sorts, but doctor said that shouldn't be anything major, it maybe some left over of pneumonia - freak out #1), blood results were perfect, heart enzymes perfect, ddimmer perfect everything else perfect. So she gave me some pain pills and was sent home.

    When i opened my ecg reading it says on top st&t abnormality consider recent inferior myocardial or periocardial infrqction :( why would she not mention anything? Did I have a heart attack recently? What? My worst nightmare is coming true.... I just turned 30 not even a month ago... How can this be???

    Anytime i had ECG before it was always good... But Then again I got all good now too... Going to my GP tuesday but I'm freaking out....

    I googled the result but nothing i could find on the explanation i have on the read out

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    Re: Confused and worried

    Hi - My understanding of the computerised read-outs is that they spit out all kinds of possible things, which the doctor then takes a closer look at to determine if it really is something or not. A computer is very conservative in drawing the doctor's attention to absolutely everything which might possibly be slightly away from the norm, so the doctor won't miss anything. But it takes a human brain to look at it all and the bigger picture and determine if it's ok or not.

    My husband had an exercise ECG once, and the computer spat out something like this and the cardiologist conferred with another cardiologist for some time, looking at the ECG readings and determined there was nothing to be worried about. That was 10+ years ago and he hasn't had the chest pain since, so it goes to show that the computer finds all kinds of stuff but you should listen to what the doctors say - not the computer.

    I'm a bit surprised you got that print-out/read out to take home - perhaps it was for info, to give your GP - but not helpful as it would only worry you/anyone.

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