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Thread: Different makes of sertaline

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    Different makes of sertaline

    Hi all is it possible that one make of Sertraline can affect a person differently? I have been on Just Sertraline no brand name,for two months.
    picked up my new prescription on Thursday,they are Lustral I take the same dose 75mg but Now I am more Anxious wake up in the middle of the night even though I am taking Amitryptaline to help me sleep. Has anyone else had this?
    Really desperate of Welling

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    Re: Different makes of sertaline

    Well I haven't experienced it - am only on day 26 of Sertraline and all of mine have been of the unbranded variety.

    I think it's highly, highly unlikely there is any difference (In fact I'm absolutely sure there isn't, but am just being sympathetic). However, worrying that there is is not helping you.

    You will have your own worrying coping mechanisms so try to use them to reassure yourself that it is fine. I know it's practically impossible to do that during a bout of severe anxiety but just keep doing them and remember: it passes. Even if they are drug related side effects, they will settle down too soon.

    Insomnia is the bane of my anxiety - I'm usually pretty calm about everything else - so I certainly understand that. If you don't have any, your doctor can give you Zopiclone and that will work. 7.5mg always works no matter how anxious I am. And 95% of the time 3.75mg is enough. Or Tamazepan might be more appropriate. Either way, you don't need to suffer and you won't.
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    Re: Different makes of sertaline

    Thanks Laheed,maybe your right its just me.

    Cheers for now

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