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Thread: my hobby

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    my hobby

    Something i like doing when feeling well enough
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    Re: my hobby

    These are really good Knotman. My dad was a merchant seaman and loves anything to do with ships/boats.

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    Re: my hobby

    Wow they're excellent. Do you sell them? My husband loves his boat and has learnt to do some basic knots - one of these would make an excellent present for him.

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    Re: my hobby

    Wow they're great!

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    Re: my hobby

    Goodness! Thats brill. Im well impressed.
    Take care
    LYNN xx

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    you need a bog roll. lol

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    Re: my hobby

    That is awesome!! I think it looks really good. (And instant flashback to the sailing camps I went to as a

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    Re: my hobby

    Really love those, so interesting xx
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