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Thread: Sertraline-chapped lips?

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    Sertraline-chapped lips?

    Ive been on Sertralibe for 7 weeks. 6 weeks at 50mg and 1 week at 100mg. Since increasing to 100mg I have had really dry/chapped lips. Has anyone had this?

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    Re: Sertraline-chapped lips?

    Hi, Yes, I have had this, but its as much to do with the cold weather as anything I think. Put on some moisturiser or lip balm.

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    Re: Sertraline-chapped lips?

    Thanks for the reply.

    I have dry lips all year normally and use vaseline lip care. It just seems to have got a lot worse since the higher dose. Its no biggy and im sure it will pass. I just hadn't heard of others having it unlike dry mouth

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