If youíre writing here asking how to get over solipsism...then you already donít believe what you are thinking. If you truly believed it then writing here would be pointless because you would just be talking to your self.

Maybe try to question what about solipsism scares you the most? itís possible it has roots in another fear. Iíve noticed that in my self.

Also solipsism just means ďwe canít prove anythingĒ not that everything is fake just that nothing can be proven. Itís literally just a theory. Chances are everyone lives the same existence as you and thinks the same things about it as you, but you donít know that because you can only be you. No one here can help because if itís just in your head anyway then why believe?

I think the only thing you can do with this is not think about it, just assume everythingís real and move on. Chose to believe that, if itís not real anyway you might as well pretend.

I find it helps to play into it, when I get a thought about it Iím like ďyeah cool so this is my imagination, wow Iím pretty funnyĒ (for example if youíre watching a funny show or something) just play around with it. Nothing else you can do.