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Thread: BREAST Issues

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    BREAST Issues

    Hi I'm new here.
    25 years old female.

    Last month around my period my right breast started hurting and was very sore.
    Today they are both sore but my right one has a tiny little hard bump, and I was very freaked out when I noticed it, and I'm too scared to check again to see if its moveable or not.
    I'm worried sick!!!!!!!!

    I just got married and I don't wanna freak my husband out, because he would worry and I don't wanna be scared anymore, but I also don't wanna be one of those types of people that run to the e.r for everything ! It can become addicting going to the doctor all the time plus I don't wanna annoy my husband with my anxiety.

    I'm just so scared to go to the doctor

    I'm so scared its breast cancer.

    I'm so frustrated . My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant so I'm not on any birth control , so I don't understand why both of my boobs are sore today but one hurts more..

    I'm so scared , can't sleep can't smile .

    Please SOMEONE! Help !

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    Re: BREAST Issues

    I could have written your post! my boobs are sooo sore and tender and i can feel a lump in my right breast on the muscle behind my nipple. From what I've read breast cancer hardly ever causes pain and its probably hormone related xx
    Iv diagnosed my self with every cancer out there, but never the common cold...

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