I'm doing a research project on OCD and I would really appreciate your help.

Currently the help I need involves the development of/final changes to the methodology to be used in the study (and this can be done via email)

I really need the views of people with OCD to tell me whether or not scenarios I plan to use in the study represent typical OCD-related fears.

If you are willing to help then I can email you the info, I am pretty sure it will take you no more than 5/10 minutes and your input will be greatly appreciated (if not invaluable!) I will of course feedback all information re: the findings of the study once it is finished if you are interested.

As people with OCD are the experts of their own experience, it is really important to get their views on current research methodology in the area. It is hoped that this research can contribute to clinician's understanding and therefore treatment of OCD.

If you are interested then please email me: georgina_thesis@hotmail.co.uk