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Thread: Testicular cancer fear with penile cancer

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    Testicular cancer fear with penile cancer

    Like all the other cancer fears with my abdominal pain etc. I really fear my health and probably making me feel worst (and making my parents more concerned) I was never like this a few years ago. Having the internet sometimes is not always a good idea. I never avoid going to the doctors.

    I have had reading websites, using google etc. Watching embrassing bodies how to do exams etc.

    I been aware about Jeremy Kyle, John Hartson and Lance Armstrong and countless other people who has had testicular cancer on the Internet, articles in newspapers etc. It was the Jeremy Kyle article this year really increased my worries.

    Reading about John Hartson and Lance Armstrong really upset me. I read other people stories about the symptoms their got. I know the articles are important to make men and their partners be aware of the symptoms and to make men go to the doctors if they got possible symptoms of the big c word or something less serious which needs treating.

    I have had two testicular exams done by doctor because I thought I felt something and she the doctor could not feel anything worrying (a good felt round). she told me there are a lot of tubes and junk in the scrotum etc which you may feel.

    I been warned not to google.

    I been told not to do it too many times each month, (once is enough) I will probably make them sore, even my parents told me not to do it more than once. We don't have any testicular cancer in the family. I check myself regularly, not sure whether my Dad does or any other male in the family does as well.

    A few months ago I read something about penile cancer online from cancer research and googling stories that when another two/three trips to the doctors because I was concern about marks gave me some cream and it was fine, even though penile cancer is probably rare for 29.
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    Re: Testicular cancer fear with penile cancer


    I know exactly what your going through, I think since last September more doctors have felt my testicles than I have myself. It's got beyond a joke but I can completely relate.

    I was at the doctors again today for reassurances, it's time to stop going back every two weeks for me and limit myself on this as well because constantly reading about anxiety can only bring it to the front of your mind not push it to the back.

    hope you start feeling a bit more positive.

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