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    Re: weight gain advice

    Hi to all

    I have been on this med for about a year at 2.5mg but am supposed to be taking 5mg, my question is whether the weight gain is dose related ? I haven't put any weight on yet (mind you I've taken up running) and I could do with taking the higher dose as I haven't quite managed the anxiety yet - I am taking it along with lamictal as a mood stabiliser and for depression and anxiety.

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    Re: weight gain advice

    I was on this medication for about a week and gained 10 pounds because of it. I am a naturally slim girl (was about 120 pounds and 5'3 bedore taking those) and I gained 10 pounds in a week with those. I stopped them, Lost about 6 pounds and then got back in shape.

    It made me always hungry, especially for sweets.

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