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Thread: Can anxiety make you sleepy?

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    Can anxiety make you sleepy?

    So i went to the docs because i'm sleeping for England at the moment, and i cannot fight tiredness !

    I work funny shifts one day i start 6.30am next start at 2pm etc...

    Anyway i booked my docs only to find out i no her! so this wasn't great, she asked if i had any symptoms but i dont, then she said do i feel hopeless?.. i said no but i do feel hopeless!
    I just didn't say yes because i no the woman and was embarassed.

    Shes sent me for thyroid/anemia check but had these done 2 years ago and both were fine

    I just want to know does anxiety cause you to sleep more? I do feel sad inside and depressed too so my energy levels are rock bottom.

    Im on a 7 week waiting list for CBT , do you think i should book another docs appointment or just wait a long 7 weeks ?

    Thanks Guys

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    Re: Can anxiety make you sleepy?

    I think you should go back to the doctor and be honest. I too am constantly knackered, probably down to the fact that I am so worked up when I am awake it tires me out.

    I've been checked out with many blood tests but now I'm on citalopram in order to try help me get a grip on my life again.

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    Re: Can anxiety make you sleepy?

    Yes, anxiety can definitely make you tired. It makes you think too hard, and it's tiring! Depression can also make you tired, so it's understandable.

    I think you should go back to another doctor and just explain that you couldn't be open with the previous doctor because you knew her. As a doctor she must maintain complete confidentiality, so there is no way anyone you know will find out about anything you discussed with her, but I think most people would feel inhibited like you did.

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    Re: Can anxiety make you sleepy?

    Anxiety keeps me awake so the sleep deprivation can obviously make you tired.

    However, if you're sleeping plenty or even too much that can be counter-productive too.

    I think the main culprit could be the hours you work playing havoc with your body clock.
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    Re: Can anxiety make you sleepy?

    Yes, anxiety can make you very tired, your mind is constantly 'on alert' and this can be exhausting. I too could sleep for England.

    My GP carried out all the usual tests including 3 lots of bloods each 1 month apart and nothing wrong with me at all, just good old anxiety and depression. He did say if I was tired, try to sleep or at least rest as it it the mind and body's way of healing itself. Not so good for the motivation though!!

    Good luck and I hope your therapy appointment comes through soon.

    "Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn"

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    Re: Can anxiety make you sleepy?

    Hi, I've exactly the same problem. I can sleep for 12 or more hours and still not want to get up. I can't wake up and it causes me all sorts of problems such as skipping work and being late for work and missing appointments. I've seen my doctor about this and although I am sure it's because of the anxiety and depression she has also referred me to a sleep clinic to check I don't have hypersomnia

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    Re: Can anxiety make you sleepy?

    Anxiety can definitely make you tired... or it certainly has that effect on me. Sometimes it is the obvious result of insomnia but that does not necessarily need to be the case.

    Other times, I have had a normal sleep (7-8 hours) but still woke up really tired due to the general wear and tear that anxiety was having on my body. It has often gradually ground me down. Indeed, on both occasions that I have been signed off work previously, my fit note has said 'anxiety, and emotional exhaustion'.

    Finally, when I started on 50mg Sertraline earlier this month, I felt v tired/lethargic. How much of this was down to the drug and how much was down to my anxiety was hard to tell but excessive drowsiness can be a side-effect of an SSRI.

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