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Thread: being sick during endocspy?

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    Re: being sick during endocspy?

    thanks, hope you're right

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    Re: being sick during endocspy?

    I had one recently as a result of my acid reflux. I opted for sedation - which most people recommend - and they also gave me a throat spray (anaesthetic). You need an escort to accompany you home afterwards if you have sedation. I didn't find the sedation very effective and, sorry to say, the whole thing was a ghastly experience. They tell you the results while you are in the recovery room. The whole thing gave me an awful migraine and revealed nothing about my acid reflux.

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    Re: being sick during endocspy?

    the waiting around was the worst. left it upto me whether to get sedation or not but nurse said chance would pull the tube out if sedated as was that BP was 158/112
    so didnt have it
    worse part was the spray which made me heave and then think not going to be able to do this. But went on and the nurse was brilliant telling me how to control me breathing as that was the key when I was panicking. the people doing it were superb and after a while I managed to calm down and breathe normally.

    test was okay too

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    Re: being sick during endocspy?

    Glad you had it done ok Harris. I agree with Ducky that it's an horrible experience. I had the sedation which did nothing to calm me and the spray. I couldn't have it done as I was panicking so much. He got the scope part way down and I was gagging so much I told him to stop and thrashed out as I was mid panic attack and I kicked him across the room!

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    Re: being sick during endocspy?

    Oh the incompetence of the NHS. I am still waiting for the result of the tests they did (for the h pylori bacteria) when I had my endoscope on April 19th. Apparently they were available immediately, but I was told they would be sent to my GP (which was not the case). The endoscope dept hasn't a clue - even the tel no on their website isn't valid and now they have told me (and I have had to do this all myself) that my GP needs to fax them and they will fax her the results. Only a wait of three weeks. I hate the NHS with a passion since they were also partly responsible for the death of my son. They can all rot in hell.

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