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    Cyst Removal Operation

    I've had to admit to myself that I'm going to have to have an operation to remove what the consultant reckons is a branchial cleft cyst in my neck. It's about the size of a large egg at the moment and sat just below my jaw on the right hand side of my neck. Fortunately all tests so far point to it being benign so largely harmless. I have an MRI scan this afternoon to evaluate exactly where it is.

    I'm sure you guys can understand how bloody stressful this all is for me, a lot of irrational thoughts are going through my head. It looks like a pretty minor op, which should only take about 15-30 minutes, but it is a general anaesthetic. Then I'd have to stay in for a night or two.

    What's really difficult is that sometimes I'm almost OK with the idea, but other times it seems to cause major panic. I want to put it off, but the anticipation anxiety is so bad that I wonder if it's better to just get it over with! I'm hoping that I can get some extra meds from my GP just to get me through the couple of days either side.

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    Re: Cyst Removal Operation

    I can sympathise. They just recently found a cyst in the middle of my head somewhere that they're going to check on again in August. Unfortunately if it did need to be removed or drained, I'm pretty sure the experience would be unpleasant due to its location :-/

    I don't think you have anything to worry about with your surgery, though everyone worries a bit so try not to feel silly about it. They won't have to dig too deep into anything and they've likely done this a tonne of times before. My uncle had more serious surgery to remove benign brain tumours, and he was still fine. Ever had a general anaesthetic before? It's a weird experience, but they'll monitor you closely and you have to remember it's rare anything goes wrong. Let them know if you're prone to low blood pressure (they might have to give you some fluids and stuff), though they would likely see this for themselves anyway.

    Think of it this way, you're definitely better off without the egg-sized cyst :P After surgery, no more cyst!

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